Our residential services include key duplication, rekeying of locks, safe recombination, and deadbolt installation. Standard services include a free security evaluation.

Deadbolt locks are the preferred form of security on the exterior of residential homes. A deadbolt sends a full 1 inch round steel shaft into the door jamb. When properly installed, a deadbolt can withstand kick and pry attacks. Deadbolts are the most cost-efficient way to protect your home, loved ones and belongings. All exterior doors can be deadbolted, as well as interior doors for apartment buildings and split-residence dwellings.

If you are a landlord, a master key system can be developed that will allow you access to any area, while maintaining privacy and separate security measures for your tenants. Security improvements for landlords are a must in today’s housing industry.

Protect your home and all the things inside it with a keyless entry system. The system will allow you to get inside the home at any time, without using a key; the door will unlock and allow you to enter the home. In addition to deadbolt locks and keyless entry, Lansdale Lock Shop is able to build a personalized and unique security system that is made specifically for your needs. All locks can be keyed together or individually.  Keeping all locks keyed together means one single key is able to access any part of your house, no need for multiple keys.

External structures need to be protected and secured as well. Lansdale Lock Shop can provide keyed and combination locks that share the same key or combination, making it easy to secure all your possessions and simplify the security management of your possessions. A single key to open all doors on your property may be perfect for your situation. In other cases, a separate key for each lock may be the better solution.

In addition to all the rekeying options, there is also the free security evaluation that Lansdale Lock Shop offers to all customers. The security evaluation takes a look at all the vulnerabilities that may be present in and around your home. Any potential weaknesses will be highlighted and there will be recommendations made on what should be implemented to reduce and eliminate any risk. Some common vulnerabilities would be a lack of deadbolt security on external doors. Interior doors may also need to have hardware replaced, jambs redrilled or doors rehung. Lansdale Lock Shop will be there to take care of any and all security needs. Older homes with mortis locks or skeleton keys are standard work for the Lansdale Lock Shop. In addition, an older home may be updated with the latest lock and key systems as well. Any standard door and frame will be able to accept the new lock and key system that Lansdale Lock Shop can provide.

All residential locksmith installations provided by Landale Lock Shop are installed in a professional and clean manner by Adam Mort, the proprietor of Lansdale Lock Shop. A customer’s home is their most sacred possession, and often their most valued and valuable asset. The Lansdale Lock Shop is happy to provide professional service to take care of a customer’s home and secure their possessions and loved ones.


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